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More FFX/X2 (HD) Remaster vs. Original screenshots… 

Go here to see the rest. I just ran through a video playthrough and attempted to screengrab the same shot as each HD preview.

Still torn. I loved the remastered shot of Paine before I looked back at the original. The original is fuzzier and lacking in some of the fine details. But the stronger detail on Paine’s eyes gives her scary eyeliner. Meh, nitpicking.

I do appreciate that they kept the vibrant stained-glass jewel tones of the original game. It was not realistic color, but it was visual chocolate. 

Even if I’m ambivalent about the graphics, I’m looking forward to playing Last Mission.

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    I personally love the detail on Paine’s eyes. I feel like it definitely works with the character style and makes her...
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    Wonder how long it will take me to want to dye my hair grey when this comes out.
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    Paine in HD!
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    ahhhhyesstheyreleasedFFX-2HDscreeeeens ; v ; Be sure to check out that link above to see more comparison shots~
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